Food Automatic vacuum machine packing machine vacuum sealer packaging equipment double vacuum chamber DZ400 Computer operating

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Equipment Type: DZ-400 /2SB

Vacuum machine for plastic film or plastic foil composite film for packaging materials, various instruments medicines, food, fruit, pickles, preserved fruit, aquatic products, native products, chemical raw materials, electronic components and products, etc. **. Whether solid, powder, paste or liquid can be heat-sealed vacuum packaging. Due to high vacuum bag can effectively prevent corruption and deterioration of goods lipid oxidation and aerobic bacteria caused, to durability, preservation, security flavor, color retention function, extended products (goods) of the storage period , while some of the soft goods, after the vacuum packaging shrink packaging volume, easy to transport and storage.


The cover is a fully transparent glass, packaging process at a glance. This machine has a vacuum, sealing a complete function, for different packaging materials and packaging requirements, the machine features a vacuum, heat sealing time adjusting means to achieve the best packing effect, the machine according to the user’s requirements, with in other words convenient, clear printing of the printing device, namely the seal while the seal line printed on the shelf, date or serial number, in order to comply with the national food labeling laws;

This machine has advanced design, full-featured, reliable performance, wide application range, good sealing strength, easy maintenance, etc., is the ideal vacuum packaging machine.

Technical parameters

Power supply: 220 v / 50-60 hz

Power: 900W

Vacuum chamber size: 400 x400x115mm

The sealing size: 400 x10mm

Extraction speed: 20 m3 / h

Packaging capacity: 3 ~ 4 r/n

The weight: 156 kg


A: Connect the power is turned on

B: Turn the power switch, the vacuum packaging requirements set vacuum time

C: According to the vacuum bag materials to set sealing temperature and sealing time

D: Place the product onto the sealing strip

E: pressure vacuum cover begin evacuation

F: When you reach a certain degree of vacuum, into the sealing procedure

G: After sealing the end into the cooling state, then deflated, the packaging is completed.


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